Fast, home-based sleep apnea evaluations and patient care.

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The Ognomy platform directly connects cardiology patients to comprehensive sleep medicine care – through video consultations with board-certified sleep specialists, home sleep testing, fast diagnoses, therapy prescriptions, and ongoing therapy support. – all typically covered by the patient’s insurance. Getting the help your patients need has never been easier.

Which would you prefer?

A Cardiologist's Nightmare

You see a new patient who has atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure and you know they will need a sleep test and probably sleep apnea treatment. You try to book a sleep test for them, at the only sleep clinic for miles. You finally get an appointment for them in 5 month’s time.

The test is finally complete. The sleep doctor reviews the results with the patient. But, they never communicate with you or share consult notes, sleep study results, or information on the patient’s therapy. One day the patient returns to you with no documentation from the sleep doctor having ever gotten into the patient’s medical record. You are unprepared to manage this important part of your patient’s cardiovascular health.

You call the sleep clinic in vain, they can’t find the patient’s information, no one has communicated anything to you at this point. Will you have to refer this patient again, and wait many more months for them to be treated?

You experience stress, headaches and even more delays, and you realize you’re living a real life nightmare

A Cardiologist's Dream!

You easily, electronically refer your patient to Ognomy. They schedule a video consultation with a board-certified sleep doctor in less than 2 weeks. The home sleep test is mailed out immediately to the patient’s home.

As the data is sent straight to the Ognomy platform, the sleep doctor interprets the results immediately, and the results are sent to your office. The same doctor has a follow-up call with the patient to review the results and discuss their treatment options.

All consult notes, sleep study results, and therapy follow-up notes are sent to you to be loaded in your EMR, so you are always aware of the patient’s progress. .

You gain confidence that your patient is being treated for their sleep apnea, and you keep your focus on your own treatment plan for the patient.

Ognomy continues to follow-up with you as required for your patients’ on-going sleep care. You are happy, carefree, and you finally feel like you’re living the dream!

The collaboration
you’ve been waiting for!

Increased referrals

Increased referrals

If you connect to our platform as an Ognomy Cardiologist, our sleep specialists can internally refer patients in need of cardiovascular care to our office – or referrals can come directly through other health partners in our sleep marketplace – gaining you net new business.

Improved outcomes

Improved outcomes

Ongoing follow-ups and support means greater patient satisfaction and a higher compliance rate leading to better health outcomes. Leaving you to look after the patients’ heart health while we focus on their sleep.

Patient retention

Patient retention

Sharing the same platform with your patients means you have full transparency over the patient’s progress and can view any results or documentation as required. The patient feels supported and encouraged throughout their lifecycle of care.
Greater efficiency

Greater efficiency

The Ognomy platform is simple and easy to use designed with you and the patient in mind. Use of the platform also allows your practice staff to meet with patients virtually to discuss the treatment process in more detail.
Patients can pay by insurance or self-pay
Fast, flexible virtual appointments
On-going support and continued care
Fully secure & HIPAA compliant
Local, board-certified sleep specialists
Easy & simple user interface

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