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About Ognomy

How does Ognomy work?

In short, Ognomy makes it simple to get tested, diagnosed, and treated for sleep apnea from home. No more nights spent away from home getting a sleep study done in a brick and mortar sleep lab. This process is a lot more convenient:

1. First, register as a new patient online, or download the Ognomy app on the App Store or Google Play.

2. Sign up to create an account. Enter in your name, phone number, and state (this is to ensure there are physicians available in your region), and then you can book a video call with a sleep doctor.

3. Before your consultation with the doctor, Ognomy will determine any costs related to the process. If you have insurance information, you can upload it and the Ognomy customer service team (referred to as the Sheepa team) will verify what, if any, your co-pay will be. If you don’t have insurance, the Sheepa team will talk you through some options. Don’t worry, you can always cancel your appointment with the doctor up to 24 hours prior to your consultation and not be charged.

4. During the video call with the doctor, they will determine If you are a likely candidate for sleep apnea. If so, they will then send a sleep test to your home.

5. Follow the instructions (a few simple steps) to set up the home sleep test. Just insert the cannula into your nose, put the oximeter on your finger, strap the HST to your chest, and click the button to start the test. Spend the night in your bed with the equipment connected to you. When you wake up in the morning, click the button again to stop the test.

6. The next morning, put the equipment back into the package Ognomy provided, which has pre-paid postage already attached. Send it back to Ognomy.

7. Ognomy’s team will review the results of the study. You can schedule your follow up appointment anytime (this is required to discuss your results, diagnosis, and next steps in your treatment plan). If the right treatment for you is a CPAP device, you can receive that without having to leave your home as well. Other options can include; oral appliances, lifestyle changes and surgical treatments.