How Monsoon Season Can Affect Arizonan’s Ability to Sleep

Monsoon season can affect your quality of sleep and ability to feel well-rested due to a variety of abrupt changes in climate that can occur, including: heavy rain, dust storms, high winds, and tornadoes. Since Arizona’s monsoon season began on June 15 and lasts until September, so over the next few months you will be most susceptible. Monsoon season can make life difficult, so don’t let a bad night’s sleep make it even worse.

How exactly does monsoon season impact your quality of sleep?

Heat, dim light, and humidity are some of the weather-related events brought by monsoon season that may affect your sleeping patterns.

Extreme heat: Changes in the weather can cause high temperatures which can raise your body temperature at night and cause you to wake-up more frequently. Further, one needs a cool environment for sleep-onset to occur since we lower our body temperatures ever so slightly when we doze off.

Dim Light: The dim light that you often see on rainy days can cause you to feel more drowsy during the day, as it “prompts the pineal gland to produce melatonin, the hormone that regulates circadian rhythms” and makes you feel sleepy. When your circadian rhythm is disrupted, your sleep can be disrupted, leading to daytime tiredness, clumsiness, irritability, and other issues.

High humidity: During monsoon season, sleeping in a humid environment may be difficult due to the increased levels of water vapor in the air, which in turn affects perspiration and can make sleeping uncomfortable.

Additionally, when rain is at a steady and relatively slow pace, the noise can actually have a calming “soporific” effect on you, and cause you to be more sleepy even during the day. Rainy days can also influence what kinds of food we eat, as we tend to reach for comfort foods high in fat and carbs. These foods don’t provide you with adequate energy, and often with these quick-release energy foods, you will experience a crash soon after eating and feel sluggish.

Is there any way to limit the effects of monsoon season on sleep?

Remember to exercise and eat healthy, energy-boosting foods. Treating your sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, as soon as possible can also limit the impact that monsoon season has on your quality of sleep. Ognomy’s services offer quality care so that you can worry less about feeling drowsy and unproductive during this difficult season.

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