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Is Telemedicine for Sleep Apnea Care HIPAA Compliant?

The constant stress and pressure faced by many of us these days is harming our quality of living. Primarily, this increasing stress is harming the quality of our sleep. Some sleep disorders have become far more prevalent in recent years, one of which is obstructive sleep apnea. Data previously published in the American Journal of Epidemiology show that the estimated prevalence rates of sleep apnea have increased substantially over the last two decades, most likely due to the obesity epidemic. It is now estimated that 26 percent of adults between the ages of 30 and 70 years have sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a severe sleep disorder which can lead to breathing problems, weight gain, stress and overall lack of functionality. Luckily, telemedicine has helped to speed up and improve the diagnosis and treatment of this disorder, including the way in which patients receive medical care. 

Constant improvements in the telemedicine industry are reshaping the healthcare sector, and providers and patients are both taking advantage of the benefits offered by telemedicine as a result. Physicians can provide care, and patients can now receive care, with the help of a reliable, easy to use platform, all from the comfort of home. One such platform is Ognomy (more on this below).

How is Telemedicine the Future of Sleep Medicine? 

The easy-to-use nature of a telemedicine platform improves the way people receive care. When a patient uses telemedicine, they get to connect with board-certified providers that are licensed to practice in the state they reside in.

Telemedicine provides the following services which traditional forms of sleep medicine often can’t:

  • Access to quality care using your existing insurance coverage 
  • Access to quality care quickly and at your convenience
  • Complete, on-demand education about sleep disorders or diseases

Telemedicine is improving healthcare access for all. Reducing friction with HIPAA compliance and data security only makes the benefits of telemedicine, and a virtual platform, even more attractive to patients and physicians. 

Importance of Choosing the Right HIPAA compliant Platform 

To give or receive medical care through any platform, it’s vital to check if it is HIPAA compliant (which means it keeps the patient’s data safe and secure). This will help to protect against any potential issues or concerns of confidential data being shared. When you choose the right telemedicine platform, you will get the most beneficial results:

  • The platform is reliable and reputable and will protect your sensitive information 
  • You can receive secure copies of medical records without having to visit the doctor’s office
  • Treatments offered through the HIPAA compliant platform by our network of reputable DME partners are generally more affordable than in-person care

Ognomy is a HIPAA compliant platform that connects patients to sleep doctors, and makes it easy and reliable for them to schedule appointments and convenient home sleep tests. No more sleep centers, no more long clinic visits – just take a video call in your home, car, closet, or wherever you are! To speak to a sleep doctor online, you just need to register here or install the Ognomy app from the Appstore or Google Play. 

If you have concerns about compliance and protecting confidential medical info and data, you can be confident that Ognomy helps safeguard all of your private information. You can speak to our Sheepa (patient support) team who can provide any further information you require on this.

If you are a patient wishing to register for a virtual sleep consultation with Ognomy, visit

If you are a physician wishing to partner with an app that endorses proper medical care, choose the right platform. Contact Ognomy to get started.