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    Feeling The Pressure With Sleep Apnea?

    Learn about the connection between sleep apnea and heart disease. Early treatment of sleep apnea is key to decreasing the chance of developing such health complications.

    Why Separate Beds Sound Dreamy! Sleep Divorce is More Common Than You Think

    A marriage shouldn’t breakdown due to the fear of going to bed. Sleep Divorce is real and the start of a good night’s rest begins with understanding why your partner may have a hard time sleeping through the night. Read more about Sleep Divorce and the importance of a Sleep Apnea diagnosis for a sustaining a healthy relationship.

    Sleep Apnea and Diabetes

    Do you have diabetes and notice a lack of energy during the day? Sleep apnea could be the cause of this problem. Learn more about the connection between diabetes and sleep apnea here.

    Arizona’s Monsoon Season

    Have you been feeling less well-rested during Arizona’s monsoon season? Read about how the changes in weather during this season may affect your sleep and worsen sleep apnea in this article.

    Summer Sleep Tips

    This blog offers our best sleep tips to combat the hot summer months and the impact that they may have on your quality of sleep.