Ognomy’s CEO Dr.Rifkin featured in Eat This, Not That!

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead”—as a doctor and a CEO I hear this excuse from patients and fellow entrepreneurs way too often. What I tell them is that a good night’s rest is more important than they realize. It doesn’t only allow you to feel, look, and perform better but it can have life-changing effects on the quality of your future life.

Impaired sleep has been associated with Alzheimer’s disease, so if you spot and manage a sleep disorder early in your life you can help prevent or slow cognitive decline. It’s important to understand how they connect since easy home treatments for the common sleep disorder can have a positive impact—and help prevent—the world’s most common form of dementia. In other words, lack of sleep may not make you drop dead but certainly can make the rest of your life very difficult.

Read the full article on Eat This, Not That! 

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