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Sleep Medicine in the News – Our Top Picks This Week!

Friday 14th Jan 2022

Welcome to our roundup of the week’s best sleep stories and top industry news from around the world, including; all things sleep health, sleep apnea, telemedicine and breakthroughs in these fields:

1. How to Stay Asleep at Night – Wall Street Journal

2. Drinking Alcohol Makes It Easier To Fall Asleep: True Or False? – Mind Body Green

3. Imaging Detects Preoperative Cardiac Changes in Children With OSA – Medscape

4. Telehealth Grows, but Medicare Has Woes – Managed Health

5. Expert advice on how to stop snoring – The Times

6. What is the difference between narcolepsy and sleep apnea? – Medical News Today

7. Sleep Reset 2022: Getting Your Sleep Back to Normal – Health \ US News

8. 6 Pieces Of Expert Sleep Advice For 2022 –

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