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Improving Patient Care with Virtual Dental Sleep Medicine

In this one of a kind event, Dr. David Schwartz, DDS, immediate past president of the AADSM, and Dr. June Seliber-Klein, Chief Medical Officer of Ognomy Sleep, will embark on a groundbreaking discussion that promises to reshape your approach to dental sleep medicine. Don’t Miss It.

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Free Remote Sleep Medicine Guide

Free Remote Sleep Medicine Guide

After the webinar you’ll receive a free guidebook packed full of advice and tips from the industry experts.

Leveraging Remote Sleep Medicine

Leveraging Remote Sleep Medicine

You’ll learn how to reduce waiting times and costs for your sleep apnea patients by taking advantage of fast, home-based sleep evaluations and remote patient care.

Ask Questions

Ask Questions

This session is your opportunity to ask any questions you have regarding remote sleep care and how it might work for you and your patients.

Dr. David Schwartz

Dr. David B. Schwartz, DDS, a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, boasts a prolific career in dental practice and sleep medicine since 1988. An alumnus of the University of Illinois and Indiana University, he has significantly contributed to the field through numerous publications and presentations, while also serving as President of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine from 2020-2022. Dr. Schwartz has been dedicated to advancing standards and practices in treating sleep-related breathing disorders throughout his  career.

Dr. June Seliber-Klein

Dr. June Seliber Klein is a distinguished sleep medicine physician, holding board certifications in both neurology and sleep medicine. Dr. Klein, originally from the Chicago area, earned her BA in Psychology from Northwestern, proceeded to medical school at Rush University in Chicago, and furthered her expertise with residency and fellowship training at Loyola University. For many years, she has maintained a specialized private practice in California, exclusively addressing sleep disorders, recognizing the crucial impact on overall health and quality of life.

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A Dentist's Nightmare

You see a new patient who is experiencing bruxism and you know they will need a sleep test and probably oral appliance therapy. You try to book a sleep test for them, at the only sleep clinic for miles. You finally get an appointment for them in 5 month’s time.
The test is finally complete. The sleep doctor reviews the results with the patient. But, they send the patient directly to CPAP and don’t communicate with you. You don’t know if you will ever hear from the patient again.
One day the patient returns to you suddenly for oral appliance therapy with no documentation from the sleep doctor (no letter of medical necessity, no sleep study results, no prescription). You don’t have the data you need for billing purposes or to care for the patient efficiently
You call the sleep clinic in vain, they can’t find the patient’s information, no one has communicated anything to you at this point.
You experience stress, headaches and even more delays, and you realize you’re living a real life nightmare.

A Dentist's Dream!

You easily, electronically refer your patient to an online platform. They schedule a video consult with a board-certified sleep doctor in less than 2 weeks. The home sleep test is mailed out immediately to the patient’s home.

As the data is sent straight to the digital platform, the sleep doctor interprets the results immediately, and the results are sent to your office. The same doctor has a follow-up call with the patient to review the results and discuss their dental treatment options.

The doctor then uploads any patient documentation required for billing (e.g. MRD/OAT prescription, HST results, letter of medical necessity) which is available to you on the digital platform or can be sent directly to your office.

After on-going communication and information exchange with you, the patient returns to your office to begin OAT/ MAD.
You receive all updates as required for your patients’ on-going sleep care. You are happy, carefree, and you finally feel like you’re living a dentist’s dream!

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