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Working as an Ognomy Doc through my own practice has been simply fantastic! I see more patients than ever now, and office workflows and logistics have been so simplified since taking everything online. The platform is easy to use and I can track everything in one place - from organizing sleep studies, to reviewing my patients' progress and implementing their treatment plan promptly, I no longer spend hours on administrative tasks. Telemedicine is definitely the future, and Ognomy is the future of sleep apnea care".

Dr. Folu Akinnusi, MD

New York & Georgia

Wow! Ognomy has made my life so much easier as a nurse practitioner. Getting home sleep studies approved by insurance and collected, shipped and interpreted at the drop of a hat? without any extra work for me? It's amazing - my patients love the platform and so do I. Ognomy has taken the access of sleep apnea care to a whole new level.”

Michele LeVine, ANP-BC

New York

Your Complete Sleep Apnea Telemedicine Platform

Providing fast remote access to patients all over the country, for high-quality, affordable sleep apnea care.

What We Look For

Ognomy providers all share the same qualities


Our network of physicians are all medically trained in sleep medicine, each with years of experience.


All of our physicians go through a background check and confirmation of medical licensure, training and malpractice history.


Our providers are trusted professionals who uphold the highest standards of HIPAA compliant care and discretion for our patients.

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Our physicians provide telemedicine consultations for thousands of patients across America through our single digital platform.

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Our national coverage makes it easy to attract new patients

Improved practice support, logistics, efficiency and lower costs

Easy integration and expansion of your existing practice with no upfront investment needed

Enhanced patient experiences and increased loyalty through superior care

Virtual care means a flexible work schedule and faster appointments

Improved patient compliance through easy tracking of outcomes, progress and nPAP orders

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