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Do you think you get enough sleep most nights? According to the National Institutes of Health, roughly 30% of Seattle residents, and 32.3 percent of residents of the United States report getting fewer than seven hours of sleep during an average night.  Continuing at a national level, 40% of us reportedly fall asleep during the day at least once a month, and 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders. 

Frequently getting insufficient sleep can have an impact on both personal health and productivity as well as our overall quality of life. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to improve your sleep – starting with a sleep doctor!

Insufficient Sleep Is Not Infrequent in Washington 

Many residents of Seattle and the rest of Washington do not get enough sleep, and although Washington’s percentages fall slightly below the national average for most demographic groups, the percentage of people that struggle to get enough sleep on a regular basis is still quite high.

Stress, infrequent activity, an unhealthy diet, frequent concerns about money, and other aspects of an overall less than healthy lifestyle can make getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night more difficult than it is for individuals that prioritize other elements of an overall healthy lifestyle. Many residents of Seattle do tend to prioritize fitness, healthy eating, and other healthy lifestyle choices than the average American, but this does not mean that getting enough sleep is a given for them. 

Common Health Concerns Associated With Insufficient Sleep 

Not getting enough sleep can cause downstream issues that range from minor irritations to major health concerns (heart disease stroke) and significant dangers to yourself and the people around you (e.g. falling asleep at the wheel, or while smoking in the house) which means that a widespread lack of sleep in a particular city can become a major public health concern. 

Some other common concerns that are often connected to frequently getting poor sleep or too little sleep include: 

  • Problems with cognition, metabolism, the immune system, regulating emotions, and other everyday bodily functions that are essential to a healthy and productive lifestyle
  • An increased likelihood of developing depression, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic health conditions
  • Reduced productivity in the workplace or at school
  • More frequent motor vehicle accidents, medical errors, industrial accidents, and similar deadly mistakes that result from the lack of attention and alertness that may be caused by insufficient sleep

Although sleeping can feel counterproductive when you have a long list of things to do, getting plenty of sleep makes it easier to be productive during the time you are awake. Rather than struggling through more hours of getting less done, finding ways to improve your sleeping habits can help you get more accomplished in less time. 

Ognomy Can Help You Get Better Sleep 

Insufficient sleep can wreak havoc on your life, but you have options for improving both the quality of your sleep and the amount of sleep you get on an average night. If you would like to get more sleep, better sleep, or both, Ognomy is a simple, guided option for building better sleep habits right from your bed. 

This remote, digital platform, allows you to meet board-certified sleep doctors in a virtual visit through your phone or laptop, which means they can diagnose, test and treat you for sleep disorders all from the comfort of your own home. Ognomy sleep doctors can work through your current sleep habits and identify changes that may make it easier to get the sleep you want, as well as prescribing easy to use sleep tests and personalized treatments that are sent directly to your house. At Ognomy, we look forward to helping you reduce sleepless nights to improve the quality of your life.

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