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Your step-by-step guide to your home sleep kit

Upon Receiving Your Test Kit

Sheepa holds sleep test and instructions.

1. Please open your test kit and review its contents. Should any items be missing please contact us immediately.

a. Testing Device With Belt

The black box is the data storage for the entire test. It also monitors the fluctuation of your chest while you breathe.

b. Nasal Cannula

The plastic tubing is attached to the testing device. It is used to monitor your breathing during the study.

c. Pulse Oximeter

This is worn on the finger and is used to monitor your heart rate and the amount of oxygen in your blood.

2. Please review the following instructions on assembly and use of the device. Please do not actually put the device on until you are ready to go to sleep. Remember, the test device should be used the night that you receive it, and returned the following day.

Putting on the Home Apnea Test

1. Fitting the Belt

Sheepa fits their belt.

Wrap the belt tightly around your chest with the test box in front. The belt should bestrapped onto your body over your breasts in the center of your chest and should be very snug. You should not be uncomfortable, but belt needs to be secure.

2. Placing the nasal cannula 

Sheep has home sleep test prongs inserted into nostrils.

Insert the prongs into the nostrils. Be sure to have the curved tube pointing towards the back of the nose. Loop the tubing around the ears. Pull the slider up towards the chin until the plastic tubing is secure and comfortable. 

3. Put pulse oximeter around finger 

Sheepa wears the home sleep test with pulse oximeter around finger.

Slip the opening of the oximeter over your pointer finger of either hand.

Starting The Test

Sheepa presses the power button on home sleep test.

1. Press down and hold the power button in the center of the device for about 3 seconds. The light will turn on.

2. Check the “pulse on” monitor on your finger which should be lit up as well. If so, you are all set to go to sleep.

* If the lights are not on, check and make sure the batteries are in correctly and press the button again. 

Ending the Test

1. After you wake up before you leave the bed, press and hold the power button down for another 3 seconds. The test complete light should turn green or red. Then hold it down for another 3 seconds and the device will shut off. 

2. Now you can place the machine and all its accessories into the return bag provided to you. 

3. Complete the post sleep questionnaire and place in bag with the testing device.

4. Return the test kit to us in the mailer provided to you.

Home Apnea Test Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Does the nasal cannula blow air?  

A. No. The cannula is used to detect your breathing, no air or anything else comes out of the machine.

Q. What if I need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night? 

A. If you have to use the bathroom during the test, simply remove the pulse ox from your finger, go to  the bathroom then replace the pulse ox afterwards and go back to sleep. Do not press any buttons in the middle of the night.

Q.Can I drink alcohol the night of the study:

A. Do not consume alcohol, caffeine or any drugs the day leading up to and the night of the study, as  it will severely affect the result. 

Q. Are home studies as accurate and reliable as the in-lab studies?

A. Home apnea testing is approved for use by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to test for  apnea in many patient populations. Home apnea tests can underestimate the severity of sleep  apnea, so in-lab testing might be required in certain patients. 

Q. What if one of the accessories falls off during the night?

A. Simply place it back into the correct spot and go back to sleep.

Q. How many hours should I wear the test for?

A. For best results, the test should be used for at least 6 hours a night.  

Q. Will the belt fit my XL/XS body size?  

A. The belts are very flexible and can fit most body types.

Start using Ognomy’s services today to get your home apnea test, and receive personalized diagnosis and treatment.

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