About Us

From Our Founder

Dr. Dan Rifkin, CEO

The story of Ognomy began a few years ago when I was working in my NY practice. Having listened to our patients for the past 28 years, I could see so many difficulties for those seeking a fast diagnosis and treatment plan for their sleep apnea. It was evident that the time had come to bridge the care gap for patients who were concerned for their health, but were not comfortable visiting, or were not living near, expert sleep specialists and traditional sleep clinics. The process was long and arduous for physicians too, so connecting them to patients in an easy to use, virtual platform just made sense. Pretty soon, Ognomy was born. 

Getting treated for sleep apnea can be life-changing, and at Ognomy, nothing makes us happier than receiving positive feedback from our patients about the impact Ognomy has had on their lives. We are so looking forward to meeting you too. Together, we’re putting an end to restless nights and tired mornings. Now comes the age of better sleep, and even better days!

What makes us different?

Personalized sleep care, virtually delivered.

Meet Our Dream Team.

At Ognomy, we endeavour to provide the same care virtually as you would receive in person. Many patients even report that the convenience and ease of remote sleep care is far superior to that of brick-and-mortar sleep medicine practices.

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
June Seliber-Klein Chief Medical Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Tabitha Abraham Practice Director
Tannay Chandhok Head of Product Development
Karen Casalinuovo Patient Scheduling & Onboarding Manager
Head of Sheepa (patient services)