Partnerships made
for patients.

Better sleep starts at home.
Better care starts right here.

We are working with dentists to manage patients' bruxism, mouth dryness, snoring and other OSA symptoms through oral appliance or surgical therapy.

By improving a patient's sleep health, we can prevent serious medical complications such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or other chronic conditions from arising.


We want to improve employee alertness in the transportation, construction, and manufacturing industries. Let's protect your workers from underlying sleep issues, and mitigate the chance of sleep related accidents occurring.

We are working with wearable tech brands, sleep apps, and sleep tracking devices, giving patients the ability to take instant action and get their sleep issues treated directly through seamless digital integrations with our platform.

From CPAP to surgical implants, our patients should have fast access to every treatment option available to suit their needs.

Sleep apnea care should be freely accessible to all, and through our sleep network, we are working to guarantee network connectivity to all major insurers and competitive pricing options for our patients.


Sometimes sleep apnea can develop as the result of a poor diet or being overweight. Many patients manage their sleep apnea by simply getting their diet and nutrition on track with the help of an expert nutritionist or training program.

We are working with sporting associations, and individual athletes, as sleep apnea can significantly hinder athletic performance. Many athletes have reported that by treating their sleep apnea, their performance improved tenfold.

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