Ognomy and Oura are partnering to optimize sleep apnea therapy.

Ognomy and Oura have partnered together to test a hypothesis that your sleep apnea treatment adherence will improve by wearing an Oura Ring and using your nightly sleep data. Ognomy believes our clinicians can provide optimal care when they have deeper insights into your sleep health. Oura believes measuring sleep improvement will be engaging and reinforce healthy habits.

Once you decide to start therapy with Ognomy, just connect your Oura data in the Ognomy app. Ognomy clinicians will discuss with you how to enroll into this limited beta program and the benefits to you for participation.

If you are new to Ognomy, find out more here about how to get started and on a path to better sleep.

If you are an existing Ognomy patient, speak with your clinician at your next appointment about being part of this limited beta program, or contact us at or 877-664-6669.