Sleep Image at-home sleep test INSTRUCTIONS

How to Use Your At-Home Sleep Test

Why did my provider prescribe me this sleep test?

This test is designed to evaluate you for sleep apnea, a common disorder that causes your throat to  close at night while you sleep, preventing you from breathing. 

These pauses in breathing or ‘apneas’ put a lot of stress on your body. Sleep apnea can also  contribute to numerous other health issues, many of them serious, including heart failure, elevated  blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, type 2 diabetes and stroke.

What if I’m not tired? 

While many patients with sleep apnea experience day-time sleepiness, snoring and nighttime  wakefulness, you may not feel tired or have any obvious symptoms, but still be suffering from sleep  apnea. This puts you at greater risk of developing secondary health issues or diseases. This is why a  simple home sleep test is a quick and convenient way to either diagnose or rule-out sleep apnea for  you.

Download the SleepImage® Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet; if a smartphone or tablet  is not available to you, please let the Ognomy Sheepa team know (contact details are at the  bottom of this sheet). 

  • Please make sure to accept all permissions in order to perform your study. On Android  phones, the ‘Location’ permission needs to be enabled to allow local Bluetooth connections.  This needs to be enabled both for the SleepImage® Mobile App, and for the phone in general.  These can be found under Settings/ Location, and Settings/ Apps/ SleepImage .
  • The SleepImage® Mobile App does not require an internet connection while recording,  only when signing in to the app or uploading a completed study. Bluetooth will need to be  enabled throughout the study for data collection.

Step 2: 

Open the SleepImage® Mobile app on your device, and sign in using your Patient Id, which we have  provided to you, and your date of birth. 

  • Turn off all other apps and Bluetooth connection3 while you are recording
  • Phones should be left on and charging near your bed during the sleep study
  • Do not stop the recording until you intend to wake up for the day. If you need to get up during the  night, the ring can be removed and replaced when you return, but stopping the recording will end  the study early and you may need to retest
  • If you get out of bed for any reason and leave your ring on, be sure to bring your mobile device with you to ensure your study does not disconnect
  • We strongly recommend that you perform a quick test on your phone when you receive the ring to  confirm that the ring and the app on your phone are communicating. If you see the same values on  the ring display and in the app, you can stop the test knowing that it will work when you are ready to start your sleep study 
  • Each ring has a serial number written on the inside, underneath the display screen. This can be  used to identify your ring

Step 3: 

The ring should be snug but not tight. For best results, we suggest the left thumb, index, or pinkie fingers, although it can be worn on other fingers. 

  • Make sure the ring is worn on the base of the thumb/finger. Patients testing for multiple nights  should use the same finger each night for consistency. 
  • After you end your study, click on the history, located at the bottom center of your app. Check to ensure that your study is uploading and or complete. If it seems to be not advancing or stuck at processing, please close out your app and reopen it. Then, recheck your history to see if the status has completed. If it still is not complete or if you have no data at all, please contact one of our Sheepa technologists at the number below. 

*Please complete this test the day you receive it in the mail to ensure quick results

Step 4: 

Please mail back the device IMMEDIATELY after you complete your test using the included return  label. 

For additional questions on how to use the SleepImage® device you may also call the Ognomy Sheepa team from 8:30am to  4:30pm Eastern Time: 1-877-664-6669.